…Artificial roses, romantic inscriptions, perfume (that will last till the end of February), gift packs, teddy bears, red and white colours suddenly dominating the market and almost 50% dresses of the society. Not also forgetting the cheaper prices of boxers 😒, Church programs suddenly deciding to teach her members genuine Love and every Love seminar, saint-like attitude from your female friends, increased headaches from over thinking and planning the perfect valentine’s day gift for that special someone, shots are being fired like some 1982 Rambo series, every one suddenly became your wife/husband by force, multiple debit alert (beginning of the apocalypse) and plenty chop-life geng (toilet — the end road)...

I recall painful memories of valentine’s day while I was in my primary and secondary school. Our teachers forcefully made us purchase a gift for someone else(your never wanting val) in the class. You could literally buy a Lamborghini for your Val and get a toy car in return — what a waste of Val 🤦‍♂️. All along, this autocratic uncivilized angels of pain we call teachers then never fully explained to us (I and my class mates) what really the Valentine’s day was about. In their bid to avoid long stories, they all planned to brief us with lies:


February has for long been a month of love and affection. All over the world, we share gifts, flowers and happiness all in the name of St. Valentine. People genuinely love someone special (note the word SOMEONE — a singular being, not a generation of a particular gender) by expressing it while others take advantage of the whole love atmosphere and.....



A short list of helpful tips for a memorable valentine’s day ☺️

  • For those already in a relationship, don’t be selfish with your expression of Love. Help someone not in a relationship out.
  • Take that single friend along and let them be your photographer and media partner for records sake. 🙂
  • If you are also single, stop shouting “God When” and making it obvious that you are still single to stupor all over social media.
  • Do something creative with the time you have and have fun. This Valentine thing is once in a Year,🙂 don’t kill yourself as if it’s your last.
  • Don’t spend all your money finish. Spend some papers too
  • Make it memorable with the less privilege.
  • Enter a store and pay for someone you haven’t met before.
  • Compliment that lady/ guys outfit at least to spark a smile on their faces.
  • Send an appreciation message to a loved one (not necessarily your val)
  • Spread Love and laughter in every way you can.



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Solanke Lekan

Solanke Lekan


Hi there, You got all the way here cause something caught your interest. Whatever it is, I am here to find out with you. My words are born from thoughts.