To the youth of our time.

According to a documentary before time, far long before this perfectly shaped and positioned planet called earth was occupied by all creeping and flying being, there was One who existed before time. His origin is untraceable, location uncrackable, capacity unmatchable. He created and exist in a universe He Himself is not bounded by. He is not pressured by time cause He is a determiner of times and season. The sun we struggle to approach for many years because of its blazing heat are His eyes. His feet rooted in the earth as His crown brushes the stars in the galaxy. Kings and men, Rulers and warriors, Queens and Mothers, Beast and monsters; by the sound of His voice, He made them all.

With ideas and beauty unthinkable, he made detailed creation of the birds that flaunts the beauty of their feathers and sweetness in their voices waking us up in the morning with natural orchestral. The touch of the rising sun upon the dark like a phoenix rising from its ashes and the waking of giant mountains like the night-watch men guarding the city day and night against the night walkers.
God — Yes He made them all.

Yes He gave so much details to His creatures and creations and attached purpose to all of them. Each having to live long enough for one reason best known to them and God (cause i can’t actually determine other people’s reason for their existence). This same God haven created so many being and creatures, He took his special time to create one who will rule over all of them. Not entirely one being but many being gifted with the capacity to rule over other creatures and decide for many other events in the course of life.

So yeah, God created everyone as rulers and gave special gifts to men. In your gene are traits of greatness, of a good leader, of a wonder woman, far better than the fictional superman and the fairy god mothers with magic wands and spells. Hidden within is the capacity to make great choices that can impact the world. Whenever you don’t think you are many more of this samples i gave above, think of how the world has evolved from the nomadic subsistent lifestyle to a modern civilised world. Think of the great inventions we have had in technology, science, food and agriculture, building and structures etc. When you focus more on the present challenges, it rids your mind off the success you have accomplished in time past.

As young people, it’s always advisable to have a mentor, someone to guide you through your early years of multiple decision makings. At that age, you are presented with a lot of choices to make and you do not want to be misguided, hence the need for a mentor. While we look up to them to give advice and counsel our paths aright, we must be careful of imitation.


Imitation is usually attributed with observing, learning, and replicating certain behavioural traits of someone else pictured to be a model.

While imitation is good for cultural and traditional preservations, there has been a rising trend of people replicating their models appearances, way of speaking, lifestyle, entire behaviour so much that it becomes difficult to trace the true identity of the mimic. I saw an online post some years back of a man that spent millions just to look like a female artist. His extreme toxic love for his model led him to ripe off his own identity, appearances, genital organs etc. Crazy? May be.

“Imitation leads to limitations”

  • Limits your perspective
  • Limits your in-built abilities
  • Limits your view of life
  • Limits your success range
  • Limits your expectations

…and eventually rids you off your true identity.


No matter how successful, well known and accepted your model could be in the world, you have the capacity to do far better than them. One of my mentor and father would always say openly that it’s his desire that all his children become greater than him. So why should I limit myself to looking like him, talking like him, behaving like him when I can be like me and be greater than him.

No one can be better than you.

The enemy you face is not acceptance from the world, but rather the enemy of self blindness. The inability to see oneself as great. You have to love yourself, love your body shape, love your physic, love your voice, love the pitch of your voice, love your energy, love your presence, love your audacity, love your shyness, love your calmness, love your impact, love your vision and purpose, love your identity, love your entirety. Cause God who created others specially, took extra special time to create you.

Look at it this way:

“The world paused, time froze and the attention of God was entirely on you as at the time he thought and processed your identity, Him attaching meaningful attributes to your life and blessing you with gifts of wisdom, knowledge and opportunities”. Yes! He was all on your matter when He created you and still is looking on you 24/7 to guide and lead you right.

The chances of being a human are extremely slim but guess what you are here on earth and have a purpose. Don’t kill it because you saw someone else and loved how they behaved or looked.

Be you ! & Do you !

To my readers who have been consistent in taking time to reading my thoughts and ideas, Thank you! ❣️

Y’all mean a lot to me. ✌️

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