This article is not supposed to follow any literature structure or grammatical perfection in writing.

— This is a message.

— This is a Voice.


Clothed with apparels only found in the 7th dimension of heaven, with wings coated in diamonds, glittering at your every turn. Your submissive and positive responses make you the best person created on earth. You are the perfect angel, shining with the brightest light in the galaxy crowned with a rotating automatic yes to their every task but, you become the darkest demon the moment your “yes” turns to a “no”. You become a werewolf with the darkest furs, your gaze will disgust them. your existence as a whole will seem as a threat to…

From CSAM on the importance of boundaries.

From birth till death, the society has through many years of perfection, built a culture and mental notion in the minds of all that co-exist on earth certain ways, manners, principles, guide, norms, values and beliefs on how to and how not to live. It has always been to exemplify what is to be referred to as “normal”. …

“Spoken in diverse languages, various accents, tones, pitches; accompanied with short precise expressions to intensify and pass a message, body movements as an expression of art, rolling of the eyes (fondly in African countries), sometimes voiceless with reiterated signs, some inaudible sound from the use of one’s nose which could mean many things based on the situation at hand (try saying 'hmn hnm’ several times and picture different scenarios).”

All these are what have been used to body shame victims.


  • You’re so fat.
  • Why are your laps this slim.
  • If the wind blows, it can…

Hollup — wait a minute — it’s Charpa...

“Perspective” is everything.

“Stretched-out lines, bruises, tattoo- like marks, skin cuts, increased aggressive behaviors, temper misplacements, mental health disorder, and a host of others are the gift of education and a delusional culture passed on from ancestral parenting to our modern day parents.”

Solanke Lekan

Hi there, You got all the way here cause something caught your interest. Whatever it is, I am here to find out with you. My words are born from thoughts.

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